Celebrity status


During a television interview this week, well-known British actor, Robert Lindsay, was asked why he’d grown a beard – was it for a forthcoming role? “No,” the actor replied. It was to help him look more anonymous. I don’t blame him! A private life – a time to relax and recharge your batteries, a time to be yourself with those you love – is important for us all. In his book Sunrise, Sunset Rowland Croucher, the Australian writer, defines a celebrity as “someone who works all his life to become famous enough to be recognised, then goes around in dark glasses so no one will know who he is!”

These two opposing ideas, of wanting and not wanting to be known, sum up the attitude of many to a supreme being. Many in this world want to remain anonymous, to go about unseen; not like Robert Lindsay, so they can enjoy a private life, but so that they can do as they please, without reference to a supreme being who may challenge their moral choices. They try to convince themselves and others that there is no evidence for God, and therefore no accountability.

Others wish that they had a God who was interested in them. They try to earn God’s attention through religion, good works etc. Yet believing that they are no one special, they live without God because they have been sold the lie that God only accepts perfect people. The truth is that God accepts us as we are. We don’t need a log book filled with 3,000 hours of good deeds, or a briefcase filled with religious certificates. We don’t need special knowledge, or to understand hidden mysteries. We don’t have to wear or even own smart clothes, and we don’t have to be famous to receive God’s love, acceptance and forgiveness. He loves you as you are, and always has done! God’s offer of eternal life is a genuinely free gift; it can’t be earned. All He asks is that you come to Him, humbly seeking a new start, prepared to give Him your future and trusting in what He did for you on that cross two thousand years ago, when He took the rap for what you and I have done. As Jesus said: “Whoever comes to me I will never drive away.” (John 6:37)


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