Thank God

Tweet: Usain Bolt thanks God
Usain Bolt thanks God

I was late and I was lost! On my way to a meeting in a strange town I had taken a wrong turning and eventually had to ask a bus driver the way. It’s often said that men are too proud to ask for directions, and would rather drive round in circles than admit that they’re lost. Surely a man would look more sensible if he stopped to ask someone who knows the area, but that’s another matter!

It takes an intelligent man to recognise that he needs help. It takes a big man to admit that he can’t make it alone. It takes a selfless man to thank another for making him great. It takes honesty to admit that we, as fallible human beings, need help from our Creator. And if Usain Bolt can do it when the eyes of the world are upon him, we can too!

As it is written in the Book of Psalms: “gather us from the nations, that we may give thanks to your holy name.” (Psalm 106:47)


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